Carrier guidance portal

The carrier guidance portal is providing effective tools for trainees and cadets to evaluate their professional potential and to guide them toward the most suitable maritime job where the vocation to be valued. The trainees and cadets shall find on this webpage few tests to evaluate their vocational potential, based on specific abilities, as time management, stress perception, team performance or psychosocial profile and also, the Joint Centre of Carrier Counselling that will offer partners’ resources for accessing the job market, facilitating the selection and recruitment processes.

Mentoring section

Mentoring section is hosting the mentorship resources including the informing material, the mentorship course for trainees and mentors and the mentors’ network listing. On this portal, the partners will conduct mentoring meetings with selected trainees in regard of: professional vocation and potential assessment, job orientation, professional models, advisory sessions, good practice exchanges.

Mentorship library

Through mentorship library the trainees will have access to a library of professionals’ and cadets’ testimonials and to oboard diversity management practices, to facilitate the good practices exchange.